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Virtual Office Plan Helps Attorney Create a Professional Image

 How does a young attorney launch a new law practice from home and create a professional image? For attorney Jason Ebacher, having two young children at home created a real dilemma. How could he meet with clients when his office was in his house? The  answer for him was a virtual office plan at the Office Suites at Jefferson Park.

Jason works full time for the Essex County Sheriff’s department. He graduated from the Massachusetts School of Law in 2006 and provides real estate and construction law services for clients in the Merrimack Valley.

Virtual Client Testimonial

Jason thought that leasing an office may be the best way to go. He consulted with a local real estate agent who recommended looking at office space in a shared-office center. He looked at several alternatives, and realized he didn’t need a full time office plan. Jason decided on a virtual office plan at the Office Suites at Jefferson Park in North Andover, Mass. Besides the fact that the shared office center was close to his home, they provided a full range of professional services to help him create a more professional image for his firm.

The Office Suites helped him create a more professional image for his practice by providing a business address, live telephone answering services, and most importantly for him, the ability to use their conference rooms to meet clients.

 Office Suites at Jefferson Park Provides the Right Image for Emerging Law Firm

Left Out in the Cold, Vision Care Plan Executive Finds a Home at North Andover Executive Office Center

When Larry Ford found himself left out in the cold because his office facility in Andover, Mass. was closing, he looked at a number of options in the Merrimack Valley. He ended up at the Office Suites at Jefferson Park in North Andover, Mass. That was in 1988. 23 years later, Larry still has his office at the Office Suites and he couldn’t be happier.

Larry Ford, Avesis, Inc.

As the Regional V.P. for Avesis, Inc., a Phoenix, Arizona based provider of vision care plans, Larry depends on the administrative staff at the Office Suites at Jefferson Park to help him with regular mailings and marketing campaigns. “Their administrative services have played a substantial role in my success,” declares Ford. The ownership is very flexible, and it is extremely easy to work with the administrative staff.”

“We once had to move our office from one building to another,” recalled Ford. “The OSJP staff handled everything. The whole move went very well.”

Since 1987, The Office Suites at Jefferson Park has helped over 1000 clients find a home for their business.

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